Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“As a professional in the dental field for 29 years, I understand the importance of having a dentist you can truly trust. I have been a patient of Dr. Nadler’s for 15 years and cannot say enough about his conscientious work ethic and compassion for his patients. His state-of-the-art office has that warm, welcoming feeling and offers all the latest dental technology.

“He takes the time to get to know each of his patients, which enables him to offer treatment on an individual basis. Over the years, I have referred many patients to Dr. Nadler, each experiencing the same professional, caring treatment as I have. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Nadler as my dentist.”

– Renee


Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“I had porcelain veneers placed on four front teeth. I have had cosmetic whitening performed along with several root canals.

“Dr. Nadler is very passionate about the dental work he performs and the professionalism and quality of his work is unparalleled. My treatments have significantly improved my smile and overall appearance.

“My teeth were yellowed and I had a lot of old fillings and crowns. Over the course of a couple of years, I replaced all of my old fillings and crowns, had my teeth whitened and finally had my front teeth replaced with four porcelain veneers. I smile all of the time now, with confidence! My teeth are now beautiful front to back!”

– Sharon

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“I really liked the gentle and calming environment. Dr. Nadler’s dental work was not painful and he was very patient with my concerns. He is very thorough when explaining what he is doing.

“My new smile completely changed how comfortable I feel when speaking with people and smiling. I feel much more comfortable speaking in public.”

– Mandy

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“Everyone is friendly, professional and knowledgeable here at Dr. Nadler’s practice. I am always made to feel comfortable here.

“I have much confidence in Dr. Nadler and his staff! My darker teeth were fixed and are now brighter!

“Coming here has given me a better smile and I have more confidence. I feel better about my general tooth health.”

– Robin

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“Dr. Nadler was very professional at all times. He explained everything he was doing so I was always aware of what was going on. The office is always extremely clean and pleasant and his staff are very friendly.

“I love my new teeth! I receive so many compliments on how beautiful my teeth are. They make me feel more confident when I smile.

“I was grinding down my front teeth and had one tooth that stuck out a little further than the others. My teeth are now a much better length and the one tooth now lines up with the others. I have more confidence in my smile and I love showing my teeth now!

“If I didn’t have this done I would have had more dental damage down the road.”

– Susan

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“I experienced professionalism and a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is very friendly.

“I was able to handle bite issues, teeth grinding and jaw discomfort. The full mouth reconstruction I received helped to resolve frequent headaches. Now, I find it easy to care for my teeth and to maintain mouth health.”

– Toni

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“At Dr. Nadler’s I received porcelain veneers. I wanted my teeth fixed and Dr. Nadler did a fantastic job! I like all of the people that work at Dr. Nadler’s.

“This service helped to enhance my smile!”

– Jill

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“I came to Dr. Nadler to get fixed some old dental bonding that was wearing from 13 years ago. Dr. Nadler didn’t complete the work until I was satisfied with the results.

“Everyone is friendly and the environment is very clean. My smile is brighter and more aesthetically appealing. Their follow up is great as they called me after to make sure I was still happy!”

– Kate

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“I came to Dr. Nadler and feel his attention to detail and focus on the individual was great! He did a full reconstruction after orthodontics and the outcome was excellent!

“ It improved my smile and gave me my full smile back!”

– Michael

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“At the time of going to Dr. Nadler, I needed to fix the color, consistency and color of my teeth. I really like the professionalism, efficiency of the practice and the staff are extremely helpful.

“I have received many compliments from my friends and associates. I feel more attractive and younger looking!”

– Al

Patient Testimonial - Designs For Dental Health“During the fall of 2006, I started to have pain in the right side of my face. I started at my internist and he thought that I should go to a neurologist. Starting on the path of the neurologist was frustrating and time consuming. The neurologist administered tests that included a series of 100 needles in the right side of my face finding what they called “paralysis”. So, off to Wills Eye Hospital where I went through another series of tests with an eye specialist. After 2 visits to Wills Eye Hospital in Pennsylvania, they could not find anything. I did, however, still have the pain and I was feeling more and more stress with what they felt could be something “life changing.”

“Now additional symptoms were starting to develop. My eye specialist now thought it could be a disease. So they were going to begin another series of tests on me when I saw Rich Nadler in a social setting one evening. When I told him of my symptoms, he suggested that I come into the office to let him take a look at my bite. I was not buying into anything, and the last thing I wanted was to go to another doctor appointment.

“But desperate to find a solution, I went to his office where he put some “TENS” on my jaws to relax them. I went through a series of this process with my jaw and I felt that it was providing some relief. Still skeptical he made an appliance which I was to wear while I was sleeping. Within 30 days there was less numbness as well as pain. Within 60 days I no longer had an issue with my eye closing or any pain. I wear my appliance every night for the past 5 years, and have had very few instances of any re-occurrence except when I am feeling a great deal of stress. During those times I will wear my appliance during the day also.

“I am not sure how this would have ended if I had not had the conversation with Dr. Nadler and allowed him to try what I thought would be another exercise of trying to find the solution to my problem with no positive results.”

– Sharon

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